Why is my tank leaking?

There are many reasons as to why your vape tank is leaking, depending on the reason behind it, leaking can be described as a couple of drops to the whole tank emptying all of its contents. Leaking is the most common problem even with the best selling brands of tanks.

While there are a few common reasons as to why it is leaking there are ways to prevent the leaking from happening in the future. Here are some useful tips:

What juice are you using?

For tanks that require a lot of power (30 watts & above), any liquid that has a VG percentage lower than 70% stands a great chance of leaking due to the thin viscosity of the PG (the other ingredient in vape juice).

Always remember to check your E-Liquid bottle for the VG/PG ratio before filling your tank!

When did you last change the coil?

When a coil is beginning to become burnt, the cotton on the inside is starting to thin out, this is what will cause liquid to come out of the airflow holes. To fix the problem simply change the coil to a new one, and remember to make sure you prime your coil or let it saturate for 15mins before you use it.

Check for cracks

A thin crack in the glass or damage to the tank can result in the tank no longer being airtight. Don’t worry if your tank is cracked it is inexpensive and simple to replace.

Check for damaged or worn-out O-rings

Also responsible for the airtight seal in the tank is the O-Rings, most replacement glasses come with spare o-rings inside.

Leaving the tank upright for long periods of time without use

Have you left your tank on top of your mod for overnight, for days or weeks?

When a tank has bottom airflow, gravity will push the e-liquid onto the coil when you are not using it and the coil becomes over saturated and naturally will leak that liquid out of the bottom airflow.

If you are not planning to use your tank for days or weeks at a time or even overnight we recommend to store the tank upside down as this will keep the e-liquid away from the coil.

What wattage level are you currently using?

For devices that are adjustable all coils run at a different wattage levels, most coils will have the range printed on the side or bottom.

If you are running a coil lower than the recommended range you will experience leaking as the coil is not heating up to the right level and the excess liquid will leak out of the bottom.

Another handy tip, if you are running a coil higher than the recommended range the coil will burn out much quicker than usual.


Sometimes troubleshooting and general maintenance is required for a smooth vaping experience, who said it is as easy as cigarettes right?

Start with the simple solutions first, and then if they do not work move onto the more drastic measures. If you are still having problems don’t hesitate to contact us! hello@vapeindustries.com.au