DynaVap | OmniVap XL Titanium Starter Pack w/ Dyna Coil

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The OmniVap XL Starter Pack with DynaCoil and Standard Cap offers all the premium DynaVap products a user will need to start with the Omni line. This Pack features the OmniVap XL, crafted from titanium, and is paired with the DynaStash XL ER: Purpleheart, the Z-Plus 2 (Dual Torch), and the DynaCoil.

The DynaStash includes a VapCap garage, extra storage compartment and an integrated DynaMag. The DynaMag will secure your DynaStash to any magnetic surface, help remove a hot cap and hold any VapCap at attention. The DynaCoil is a precision engineered concentrate adapter constructed from medical grade titanium. The DynaWax will help extend the life of the O-rings and when it comes time to clean your VapCap. This kit comes with every replacement part one would need for the OmniVap XL.

If you are looking for some accessories to go along with your OmniVap XL we also sell OmniVap XL Starter Pack w/ DynaCoil 

1 x OmniVap XL with Standard Cap

1 x DynaStash XL ER: Purpleheart

1 x Z-Plus (Dual Torch) (Empty, gas not included) 

1 x DynaCoil

5 x High-Temp O-Rings

1 x Ti CCD

1 x DynaWax

*Note: that the lighter in this kit can be substituted with a lighter of Dynavap's choice at any time when the Z-Plus 2 (Dual Torch) is unavailable.*

Length: 109mm

Material: Titanium

  • It is recommended that you use a butane torch style lighter with your VapCap.
  • Wait until you hear or feel the reset click or at least 30 seconds after the VapCap stops producing vapor to reheat.
  • It is VERY important to wait until you hear the cool down click before applying more heat.
  • Stop heating your VapCap as soon as you hear the click until you get to know each other better.
  • You can vary the intensity of the flavor by using the air/vapor adjustment port.
  • Depending on your personal preference and heat source, as well as how many cycles since the VapCap was loaded, you may want to apply heat for 1-2 seconds after the click. This will provide for a different level of roasted flavor.
  • The end of the VapCap gets very hot during and following use. Do not touch the hot end until it has cooled. Also please do not put the hot end into your mouth.
  • The VapCap can be safely put back in its Special Case or reloaded after the cool down click is heard.