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Flavour Chasers Aliens 0.3Ω (single) NI80 28x39

Metal N Tricks

Flavour Chasers Alien Coils


Designed by @metal_n_tricks, the Flavour Chasers line of coils was made for power, flavour and efficiency in either a dual or single battery set up. Both the Fused Claptons and Aliens have great flavour and power anywhere between 50-90 watts, while the Weave coils were made to heat up faster and harder within the same power range.

Products Includes 

4 x Aliens 0.3Ω (single) NI80 28x39 & 4 x Slacker Cotton


6 x Aliens 0.3Ω (single) NI80 28x39 & 6 x Slacker Cotton