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Need a mod that packs a punch? With this thick tube design and large low rider housing assembly, you will notice that this device is an untamed beast! The internal tube is one solid piece, with threads externally under the vent holes for various sleeve options to screw on to. Best compatible with 20700 Battery. 


Mechanical Mods do not offer safety features. They are an un-regulated system for EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY. Vape Industries is not held responsible in any way for use of mechanical devices.

1 x Brass Magnum Saw Mechanical Mod (Select Variant) 

1 x Certificate of Authenticity 

1 x Brass Magnum Saw Sleeve (Select Variant) 

30.5mm diameter

Smooth Magnum lowrider housing w/ Collector Series button (brass)

Brass Magnum saw sleeve

Compatible with 20700, 20650 and 18650 batteries (20650 and 18650 batteries can be used with this mod by purchasing an XL Donut Contact, sold separate)