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ODB Battery Wraps / 18650 (4pcs)

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Have a battery with tears and cuts or just want to personalise your 18650’s? ODB wraps are the thickest and best quality battery wraps on the market. With plenty of trendy designs to pick from you wont be disappointed. 

Rewrapping Batteries is highly dangerous and is only recommended to experienced users only 

Product Includes 

4 x 18650 ODB Battery Wraps 

Length: 74mm (Suitable for 18650) 

Shrinkage Ratio: 48%

Flat Diameter: 29.5mm (Before Shrinkage) 

Wall Thickness: 0.1mm (Before Shrinkage) 

High Quality 

Durable Design 

Damaged Batteries are highly dangerous, cuts and tears in the sleeves can cause shorts in the battery which can result in battery venting and even fires. 

When applying new battery wrap avoid contact with any other metal object as it may cause a short in the battery.

We recommend a hair dyer when applying new wraps. Old wraps MUST be removed before new one is applied. There will be a plastic ring (insulator) that comes off with the old wrap, ensure that this is applied with the new wrap.