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Vandy Vape Specialty Wire Spool

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Vandy Vape Wire Spool perfect for rebuildable atomisers, varieties including Kanthal A1, SS316L Clapton, Flat Clapton, Staggered Fused Clapton, Juggernaut, and Fused Clapton. 

The varieties we carry are listed below. 

Kanthal A1 

Kanthal A1 22GA 15ft 1.52Ω/ft

Kanthal A1 24GA 30ft 2.2Ω/ft

Kanthal A1 26GA 30ft 3.45Ω/ft

Kanthal A1 28GA 30ft 5.73Ω/ft

Clapton Kanthal A1 26GA + 32GA 10ft 3.5Ω


SS316L 24GA 30ft 1.07Ω

SS316L 26GA 30ft 1.7Ω


NI80 24GA 30ft 1.64Ω/ft

NI80 26GA 30ft 2.64Ω/ft

Clapton NI80 26GA + 35GA 10ft 2.7Ω

Fused Clapton NI80 26GA x2(=)+35GA 10ft 1.34Ω